Types of style in linguistics & It’s meanings

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What is style ? whta are the types of style in linguistics? In this article you will know in details.

Style in linguistic refers to the ways the person uses language in a particular way is called as style in linguistic. in other words style is person’s speech behaviour which goes on changing as per the speech situation such as place, person, time.

For example: A person may speak in a national standard at one moment but he may speak regional dialect the very next moment. It has much importance in literature. It varies from author to aothor. The components of style are generally words which are being used words, phrases, language, person, place and time. style is the variation of speech in contextual morphology. Syntax and phonology these tells us about the relationship between speaker and listener.

Types of style in linguistics

1.Formal style and

2. Informal style

But linguists confirm the fact that there are five language stlyles which are put forth by Martin Joos. There are in the folloing-

  1. Consultative style:

This style is also known as sharing style. When a person starts a conversation with a stranger is a consultative style. This is a two way communication. Speaker and listener exchange information and also a roles. Here instruptions are available on the part of the speaker and listeners.there is a mutual understanding between the speaker and the listeners. This kind of conversation we found in doctors and patients, teachers and students, lawyer and a client. etc.

2. Casual style:

Casual style is a conversation or a language used with friends, family members and others people who know us casually. Intruption is the common feature of casual style. Here the speaker and the listeners share views . in the language which is very informal and the vocabulary, phrases are informal in mannar. Some times slang Is also use in casual style.

3.Formal style:

Formal way of communication/style shows distal relationship between the speaker and the listener. In this style speaker is alone before the audience so it is often a one way communication. In this type of  style the vocabulary, structures of sentences, and phrases have fixed structures. This type of conversation generally takes place between the strangers or in the situation like boss and subordinators etc.

4.Intimate style:

Intimate style it is very private or non-public discourse. It generally takes place between very close and intimate friends.  There are no limited structures of sentences.here in intimate style sigms and gestures play an important role. This type of style found in private talk, serious discourse of close conversation.

5.Frozen style:

Frozen style used in ritualistic communication where the speaker shares his views in a monotono. In frozen style we have limited number of vocabulary items phrases, and stuctures. This type of style use in instruction or in ritualistic conversation.

Thus register and styles are typical concepts in the field of language. Both help us to know more about language variation.types of style in sociolinguistics