Animal farm – Subtitle- A fairy story | George Orwell

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Animal farm – Subtitle A fairy story

Animal farm, one of the best Orwell’s allegorical novel published 1945. In this novella Orwell talks about Russian revolution of 1917. He criticizes Josef Stalin (communist party).

Important character

Most of the character that Orwell presents in this novella is animals which are highly symbolical.

Old Major– old major is a middle white boar. Who inspire for rebellion, an allegorical character of Karl Max. And Vladimir Lenin, communist leader of Russian Revolution.

Napoleon:   Another animal character, he is the villain in this story. He refers to Joseph Stalin.

Snowball: He becomes the head of the farm after Jones. Parallels of Leon Trotsky.

Minimus: Minimus is a poetic pig, who wrote second and third anthems of animal farm.

Mr.Jone: The only human character in this novella. He is a drinker, irresponsible man, original owner of the manor farm. He refers to Nicholas-2.

Boxer:  Boxer is a horse. He is strong hardworking character compare to Alexy Stakhanov.

Animal farm subtitle a fairy story George Orwell 1945

Summary of the Animal Farm:

One day Old Major a prize winning boar, on manor farm. Who summons all the animals and tells his dream that all animals are living together where there is no rules or oppression by human. They are living very happy independent life. So he calls for a meeting, all the animals gather together. During which he refers to human beings as enemy. And starts teaching the animals a revolutionary song called “Beast of England”.

Then, Snowball a good spirit starts teaching the animals to how to read. and napoleon takes young dogs and educate them about  the principle of animalism. When Mr. Jones and his man attacks animal farm they defeat him again this battle is known as “battle of cowshed” where snowball leads the battle so he become famous among the animals. Napoleon becomes jealous of it. Snowball says he will build a windmill in front of the farm but napoleon opposes it. They start increasing their power by influencing other animals in the farm. Later Napoleon’s dog chase snowballs from the farm and takes the power.

And he declares the only pig alone will make all the decision – for the good of every animal. Here is the first violation of the animalism. Napoleon now quickie change his mind about the windmill and the animals specially boxer who is working hard for completing It. One day storm the windmill was fell down Napoleon blames snowball and by his conspiracy .He rewrite the history and shows everyone that snowball is the villain. He starts controlling others animals indirectly he says anyone who oppose napoleons leadership meet instant death at the teeth of the attack dogs.


Napoleon also starts to behave like man sleeping on bed, drinking, walking in two legs like human. He changes the all rules of animalism like “all animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others” “Four legs are good two legs are better”. but Squealer, napoleon’s propagandist, justifies every action of napoleon to the other animals by his propaganda. That Napoleon is a great leader and he is making things better for everyone. Whereas the condition of the other animals are very bad they are cold, hungry, tired of working.

And as time passes on the animal farm, and the pigs become more powerful and human alike. walking like human, wearing clothes. And the seven principles of animalism changed into a single line “All animals are equal and some animals are more equal”. Napoleon enjoys with a farmer Mr. Pilkington at the dinner table and declares his intent to ally himself with the human farmers against the labor class.

The common animals can no longer tell which pigs are and which animals are. He also changes the name of the animal farm to the old name as Manor farm all animals just see nothing could do and live lives the life as earlier.