Definition of dialect | types in sociolinguistics

Dialect definition/concept: People are living all over the world. They speaks variety of languages. They have their own language, culture, social class, etc. In short, language is different from place to place individual to individual. There are  various factors that causes language variation. The same language speaks differently by different people. This variation of language … Read more

Synchronic and Diachronic Approaches

Synchronic and diachronic are the two complementary terms in linguistic analysis.Ferdinand de Saussure has made a distinction between these two approaches to the study of language. The synchronic approach considers language as a living whole existing as a state at one particular time in a given speech community. Diachronic approach the other hand focus on … Read more

morphology definition| types | function of morpheme


Morphology, which is one of the important topics in linguistics. In this article we are going to discuss in details of morphology. Definition of morpheme ,types of morpheme | free morpheme and bound morpheme. inflectional and derivational morphology. class maintaining derivational morphemes |class changing derivational suffixes with examples. morphology definition/meaning: And Morphology is an important … Read more

Linguistics meaning | Definition & study of language

An introduction to Language and linguistics meaning To understand the concept of linguistics meaning, it needs to be clear the concept and role of language as language is the main focus of linguistic. It is the scientific study of language. And communication, is the primary function of human language; Which is the source of communicating … Read more