8 Parts of Speech with Examples | English Grammar

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There are 8 Parts of Speech in English language. However, some people considers determiner as a part of speech. The 8 parts of speech are Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Adjective, Conjunction, and Interjection.

Part of Speech Meaning

Parts of speech help us to construct a grammatically correct sentence. As each part of speech have different functions within a sentence. Some parts of speech also functions as more than one part of speech when used in different circumstances.  Hence, it is very important to know all parts of speech with definition and examples. (See What is Part of Speech?)

Different Parts of Speech with Examples

1. Noun

Noun is a name of anything, it may be the name of a place, person, place or things or ideas. I.e. house, cup, teacher, city, shop etc.

Examples of noun

  • My teacher is a very nice person.
  • John is a clever boy.
  • Amy is going to Spain on next month.
  • New York is a big city.
  • The rose smells sweet.

What are the Types of Noun?

  1. Common Noun
  2. Proper Noun
  3. Concrete Noun
  4. Abstract Noun
  5. Collective Noun
  6. Countable & Uncountable Noun

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2. Verb

A verb is a word that describes or performs an action. i.e. run, walk, push, go, read, and eat.

Verb examples in sentences

  1. Sophie ran to school because she was late.
  2. The girl wrote a letter to her parents.
  3. He gave me a pen.
  4. We eat mangoes.

Here the words ran, wrote, gave, eat, expresses an action in the sentences. So these words are known as verbs.

3. Adjective

An adjective is a word which is used to qualify a noun or pronoun. For example, brave, short, beautiful, red, old etc.

Example of Adjectives in Sentence

  1. This is a black dog.
  2. Milk is white.
  3. The old man.
  4. He is a brave boy.

Thus the words brave, old, white, black tells more about noun or pronoun. So these words are known as adjective.

Note: Adjectives are generally used before noun i.e. This is a black cat. He has a new T-shirt. In case of pronoun, an adjective is used after pronoun. For example: you are tall. He is fine.

4. Adverb

An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective or another adverb. The adverb tells us how often, how, where or when. Here are some examples that will help you to understand better.

Example of adverbs.

  1. An old man walks slowly.
  2. This flower is very beautifull.
  3. Sophie is always late for school.

5. Pronoun

A pronoun is a word which replaces the name of a person, place or thing in a sentence. E.g. I, SHE, HE, THEY, IT, OURS.

  1. Olivia is absent because she is late.
  2. John is a very nice friend. He always helps me with my homework.

In the above sentence, she’ and ‘he’ pronoun because they are used in the sentences, in places of noun, Olivia and John respectively.

6. Preposition

A preposition is one of 8 parts of speech or words which are used before noun or pronoun to show the relation to other words in the sentence. It describes the place, time or directions. E.g. above, under, in, on, during etc.

Examples of preposition in sentence

  1. The cat jumped over the table.
  2. Viola goes to school everyday.
  3. The school is near the station.
  4. He is in the room.
  5. The cup is on the table.

7. Interjection

The words that express strong emotions or feelings like feeling of joy, sorrow, surprise etc. Interjections are often followed by exclamation marks.

Interjection examples

  1. Wow! The view is amazing.
  2. Alas! She is no more.
  3. Hey! I haven’t seen you in a long time.
  4. Hurrah! We have won the match.

8. Conjunction

Interjection is a word that connects or joins words, phrases or a group of words in a sentence. Some of words that are used in sentence as conjunction (one of 8 parts of speech) are given below.

Conjunction examples

  1. I like to watch the movie and eat popcorn.
  2. The lady is poor but she is ill.
  3. She can not run because she is weak.

In the above sentence and, but, because is conjunction. The other conjunctions are for, and, yet, nor but, or, so etc.

8 Parts of Speech Chart

Here are the eight parts of speech given is a tabulated manner. If you want to know more, tab on each part of speech.

8 Parts of SpeechTheir FunctionsExamplesExamples with sentence
1. NounThings or personHouse, Teacher, ShopThis is my House. He is a good Teacher.
2. AdvarbDescribes verb, adjective or adverbSilently, Slowly, Always.He is always late for work. Teacher enters the room silently.
3. VerbAction or stateRun, come, Go, cut, PushHe goes to School. Come in please.
4. AdjectiveModifies nounSmall, big, Black, wellBlack cat. His room is too small.
5. PronounUse in place of nounI, you, he, she, it, theyI know how to swim. She is beautiful.
6. PrepositionDescribes Place, time or direction.At, in, above, on, after, underThe cat jumped over the box.
7. ConjunctionJoins words or phrasesBut, and, or, because, although He can not walk because he is injurd.
8. InterjectionExpress emotionsOh!, hey!, Hurrah!, Wow!Wow! What a beautiful place is this.
All Parts of Speech Chart