Best dystopian books | 5 novels you Must Read

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Best dystopian books: Dystopian fiction mainly deals with the futuristic world. The word dystopia is an opposite of utopia. The novels in this genre set in an imaginary place where people are quiet unhappy and afraid because of the unfair treatment.

In dystopian novels where the author reveals or writes about the destruction or the end of the world. Theses 5 dystopian novels are also listed in the top 100 best novels in English literature. You can buy these 5 best dystopian books in English directly through Amazon by clicking the given link below.

5 best dystopian books

1 George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four
2 Aldous HuxleyBrave New World
3. Anthony Burgess A clockwork Orange
4 Cormac MaccarthyThe Road
5 William GibsonNeuromancer

1 George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty four (1984)

Gorge Orwell English novelist essayist and a critic his writes about justice social justice and he was opposite of totalitarianism. His famous books are Animal Farm (1945) Homage to Catalonia (1949).

‘1984 ‘book published in 1949 June it is set in 1984 during the perpetual war, peoples were victims, the government starts spreading propaganda and keep eye everywhere by 24/7 surveillance. There is restriction of love, freedom.etc

The three supper states Oceania Eurasia and Eastasia. The protagonist of this book Winston smith is a middle class worker under big brother who is the ruler of the state Oceania. Smith secretly hates the party and makes a forbidden relationship with Julia. For which they are captured and brainwashed to believe that 2+2= 5  O’Brien takes them to Room 101 for re-education where they sent a rat in that room.

In this novel Gorge Orwell introduce new words like thought Police, doublethink, room101, memory whole telescreen etc.

2 Aldus Huxley’ Brave New World

Brave New World is set in futuristic ‘world state’ a scientific technological state concerns mainly with reproductive technology, sleep learning.

In this fiction Bernard Marx a specialist of sleep learning and psychologist who suffers inferiority complexity. He becomes friend with Helmholtz Watson a writer. Because they alienated from the world state. 

Another interesting character is john who reads complete work of Shakespeare. Lenina crowne a young beautiful technician, she tries to seduce john but fails…

3 Anthony Burgess “A clockwork Orange”

Anthony burgess the writer of malyan trilogy famously known for his dystopian novel a clockwork Orange –a black comedy published in (1962).

Take place in a futuristic city where the citizens are violent.  The protagonist, Alex fifteen years old who runs a gang along with dim Pete and George.  One day Alex with his gang goes to a cottage there beats F. Alexander and rapes his wife.

Alex is taken to the prison where he is given aversion therapy it is a technique for behaviour modification.

In this treatment Alex become sick hand his earlier enemy beats him. And F.Allexander saves his because he does not identify that Alex is his wife’s rapist. Later when F.Allexander recognizes that Alex is his wife’s rapper. He makes Alex suicide by forcing him to Beethoven music which Alex hated.

4. Cormack McCarthy the Road (2006)

The road is a huge tragedy this book win Pulitzer Prize in 2007. It is a post apocalyptic novel. Which deals with along journey of a father and son across a landscape that is destroyed all the civilization. On this journey many hardships they face which has been describe in the book tragically.

5 William Gibson Neuromancer (1984)

Another best dystopian books is Neuromancer (1984 ) by William Gibson a American Canadian writer. Who coined the term cyberpunk a genre of science fiction.

Neuromancer is one the best book in cyberpunk genre it is the first winner of nebula award which is given to the best sci-fi novel.

The protagonist Henry Dorset case a huge drug addicted cyberspace hacker. Who steals from employer as a punishment case’s nervous system makes damage. Then he is save by Molly Millions and US ex military armitage and they repair his nervous system.

These are the 5 Best dystopian books you can read to know more please visit: Recent blogs