Definition of dialect | types in sociolinguistics

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Dialect definition/concept:

People are living all over the world. They speaks variety of languages. They have their own language, culture, social class, etc. In short, language is different from place to place individual to individual. There are  various factors that causes language variation. The same language speaks differently by different people. This variation of language is dialect.

Pie and Gaynor gives definition of dialect as

“ Dialect is a specific form of a given language, spoken in a certain locality or geographical area, showing sufficient differences from the standard of literary form of that language”

 It is a language or a variety of language spoken by different people at different level. In short, dialect is a variety of language spoken by or spoken in a particular social class, (sociolect) or by a group of educated people (standard dialect).

Types of Dialect:

Regional dialect:

Regional dialect is variety of language which is use in a particular region. It has it’s own specific characteristics such as , difference in pronunciation, structure of verbal, words vocabulary and intonation pattern. Regional dialect is a variety of a specific language. It is a dominant variety of a specific region. Characterize by its own linguistic features. Regional dialect is refers as vernacular language.

Standard dialect:

  Language is varies from place to place, people to people. And there are several factor that causes variation, geographical area, culture, education, social class etc. which is the dialect. One of such vitiation becomes prominent which s known standard dialect or standard language.

Standard dialect is also known as pure dialect. It is called so because it is used by educated people, professionals. It is socially accepted as a standard version of language used in academics, administration, law judiciary mass media etc. and also accepted by alit class of people.

For example:

Though English speaks in England ,it speaks differently in different parts of England. But ( received pronunciation) R.P. accepted as a standard language or standard dialectof english.  This standard language used not only england but also in several other countries in the world:


Sociolect is a dialectical variety or a variety of language used by a particular community. Social standards of a particular community is the another factor which causes the variation of a language is called socialect. Sociolect differs from regional dialect because of its unique features which we find in. sociolect which is used by a particular group, use specific vocabulary, idioms, phrases. Sociolect also uses slang and and it uses very typical vocabulary.

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