Tag Question Exercise with Answer | MCQ

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Tag Question Exercise: In this article we have discussed twenty Multiple choice Questions (MCQ). which will help you to clear the concept of tag questions. Also Read: The Rules of Questions tag.

Tag Question Exercise MCQs

Q.1 It is raining,…?

a) Is it?

b) Isn’t it?

c) Has it?

d) Is not it?


Q.2 He likes cricket,…?

a) Isn’t he?

b) Does he?

c) Doesn’t he?

d) Is he?


Q.3 Remember to lock the door,…?

a) Will you?

 b)Shall not you?

c)Won’t you?

d)Haven’t you?


Q.4 She hardly knows you,..?

A) Don’t she?

B) Does she?

C) Is she?

 D)Doesn’t she?

Answer: b

Q.5 Everyone can’t come in first,..?

a) Can’t they?

b) Did they?

c) Can they?

d) Couldn’t they?


Q.6 None of us knew the way,…?

  1. Do we?
  2. Didn’t we?
  3. Could we?
  4. Did we?


Q.7 I am intelligent,…?

  1. Aren’t I?
  2. Am I?
  3. Amn’t I?
  4. Isn’t it?


Q.9 Some of you are learning French,…?
  1. Are you?
  2. Aren’t you?
  3. Did you?
  4. Do you?

Answer: 2

Tag Question Exercise

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Q.10 Let’s have a game of cricket,…?

  1. Shall not you?
  2. Shall we?
  3. Do we?
  4. Will you?


Q.11 She seldom smiles,….?

  1. Doesn’t she?
  2. Isn’t she?
  3. Does she?
  4. Don’t she?


Q.12 They will come in the morning,…?
  1. Would they?
  2. Won’t they?
  3. Will they?
  4. Shall they?


Q.13 John and Freddy are friends,…?

  1. Are they?
  2. Aren’t they?
  3. Did they?
  4. Isn’t they?


Q.14 Chooses the correct answer from the given sentences,…?

  1. The boy crossed the road, didn’t he?
  2. He will come tomorrow, does he?
  3. You are wrong, are you?
  4. Everybody loves child, did they?


Tag Question Exercise with Answer

Q.15 Choose the correct answer from the given sentences,…?

  1. The man won the challenge, did he?
  2. They will come tomorrow, did they?
  3. I am a good man, amn’t I?
  4. They aren’t correct, are they?


Q.16 He has done well,…?
  1. Has he?
  2. Hasn’t he?
  3. Haven’t he?
  4. Did he?


Q.17 Priya is not a tall woman,..?
  1. Isn’t she?
  2. Is she?
  3. Does she?
  4. Are she?


Q.18 You mustn’t be late,…?
  1. Must not you?
  2. Mustn’t you?
  3. Must you?
  4. Don’t you?


Q.19 We have finished our work,….?

  1. Have we?
  2. Haven’t we?
  3. Do we?
  4. Don’t we?


Q.20 There were only ten people presents,…?

  1. Were not there?
  2. Were there?
  3. Did they?
  4. Didn’t there?


There are the twenty tag questions exercises which will help you to clear the concept of question tag. If any confusion about tag questions you can visit: Tag Questions Rules.