8 Parts of Speech with Examples | English Grammar

8 parts of speech

There are 8 Parts of Speech in English language. However, some people considers determiner as a part of speech. The 8 parts of speech are Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adverb, Preposition, Adjective, Conjunction, and Interjection. Part of Speech Meaning Parts of speech help us to construct a grammatically correct sentence. As each part of speech have … Read more

Code switching and code mixing | Differences

Code switching and code mixing is common now a days because of language contacts day by day. Many languages are getting closure and hence languages are getting contaminated. Due to bilingualism and multilingualism languages are getting mixture with each other hence creative a variety of languages. When speakers alternate two or more languages in the … Read more

Definition of dialect | types in sociolinguistics

Dialect definition/concept: People are living all over the world. They speaks variety of languages. They have their own language, culture, social class, etc. In short, language is different from place to place individual to individual. There are  various factors that causes language variation. The same language speaks differently by different people. This variation of language … Read more

Types of Noun

types of noun with exampls

What are the types of noun with examples: Everyday we use noun in our writing, it is very important to know all Types of Noun and the use of noun. There are 8 kinds of nouns which we will discuss in this article in details. What is noun? Nouns are words referring names such as … Read more