Types of Noun

types of noun with exampls

What are the types of noun with examples: Everyday we use noun in our writing, it is very important to know all Types of Noun and the use of noun. There are 8 kinds of nouns which we will discuss in this article in details. What is noun? Nouns are words referring names such as … Read more

Noun Exercise for Competitive Exams (MCQ)

noun exercise

Noun Exercise set is very important for any competitive Exams. Before you start practice set (MCQ) .Please visit to know the Correct Use of Noun in a sentence. In this article we will discuss some most important noun questions for competitive exams (MCQ) which are expected to ask in competitive exam. This noun MCQ questions … Read more

What is a Possessive Noun with Example

Language is a powerful means of communication which allows use to express our thoughts, emotions, and ideas. In English Grammar,  the topic noun is an important topic, it play a vital role for out better communication by identifying people, places, things, and concepts.(See Types of Noun). However, in the field of noun, there is a … Read more

Common Noun and Proper Noun with Examples

In the realm of grammar, nouns have a prominent position as they are the building blocks of language, enabling us to refer to people, places, objects, and ideas. While we encounter various Types of Nouns in our daily conversations, two primary classifications stand out: common noun and proper noun with examples. Understanding the difference between … Read more

Countable and Uncountable Nouns

countable and uncountable nouns

Nouns are names of things, place, person or ideas etc. Nouns may be countable or uncountable. In this article you will know about countable and uncountable nouns with examples. There are few boys in the class. Are there many books on the table? There are several tigers in the zoo.  Do you know how to … Read more