Types of Noun

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What are the types of noun with examples: Everyday we use noun in our writing, it is very important to know all Types of Noun and the use of noun. There are 8 kinds of nouns which we will discuss in this article in details.

What is noun?

Nouns are words referring names such as place (market, city, and island.) Persons like (man, girls, women, friends, etc.) Things, ideas etc. Please visit to know more about How to use noun in sentence.

Types of Noun

  1. Common noun
  2. Proper noun
  3. Concrete noun
  4. Abstract noun
  5. Countable noun
  6. Uncountable noun
  7. Collective noun
  8. Compound noun

Nouns are classified in these types of noun. To write and make your English sentence grammatically correct it is very essential to know each type of noun very carefully.

8 Kinds of Nouns with Examples

1. Common Noun

Common nouns are those naming words which refer to things in general. For examples bike, car, house, man, city, girls, music, etc.

This noun refers to all in general– we do not specify by their name. And we call them as common noun. Common noun can be plural or singular.

Singular NounPlural Noun
Types of Noun / Singular and Plural Noun

2. Proper Noun

A Proper noun is a name that refers to the name of a particular things, person, or place. Proper nouns are Angela, Africa, America, London, Sunday, Denmark, John, etc.

 A Proper noun always begins with a capital letter. For example John is a good boy. Delhi is a big city. John, Delhi is a proper noun and they start with capital letter.

3. Concrete noun

A concrete noun is a noun that identifies things that physically exists. These types of noun can be perceived by our five senses in short Concrete noun that can be seen, touch, smelled, heard, or tested. Some examples of concrete noun are cat, house, chocolate, phone, tree, songs etc.

Countable concrete nounUncountable concrete noun
A citysugar
A buildingsalt
A mobilewater
Countable and uncountable noun

4. Abstract Noun

Abstract noun is another type of noun which refers to the things which can not be seen or touch.  It refers to the qualities, ideas, which do not physically exist.

Some of the examples of abstract noun are Ability, truth, humour, faith, courage, beauty, calm etc.

Types of Noun
Noun definition and types

5. Countable noun

A countable noun is a type of noun which can be counted. This kind of noun is also called “Count Noun” Some countable nouns are pen, ball, person, dog, girl, chair, etc.

6. Uncountable Noun

 An Uncountable noun which refers to those things that can not be counted. Uncountable noun are also known as mass noun.

Uncountable nouns are always singular. We can’t use a/an article before uncountable noun. Examples of uncountable noun are milk, water, advice, failure, fame, happiness, etc.

Countable vs Uncountable Noun

Countable NounUncountable Noun
Countable and Uncountable Noun
7. Compound Noun

A noun which is made with two or more words is called compound noun. Examples of compound noun are dog food, breakfast, software, brother-in-law, fingerprint, football, etc. These nouns are made with two words that are why these nouns are called compound noun.

Types of Compound Nouns and Examples

Compound noun are three types

Types of compound wordsExamples
Spaced wordsFull moon, bus stop
Hyphenated wordsBrother-in-law,
Closed wordsBreakfast, gentleman, notebook, etc.
Types of Compound Nouns

8. Collective Noun

A collective noun is another type of noun which refers to a group of people or things. Collective noun refers to a collection of things which are considered as a whole.

Examples of collective Noun

  • Family
  • Council
  • Government
  • Team
  • Crowd
  • Jury, etc.

Most of the collective nouns are considered as a singular noun and takes singular verb. Know more about Noun and their uses.

Noun as subject examples

Noun used in sentences can be a subject, object, complement or noun as a verb. Here are some examples

Noun as a subject

  • Angels are beautiful.
  • Ram is a good boy.

In this sentences ‘Ram’ is a noun which is the subject in the sentence Ram is a good boy.

Noun as an object

  • He bought a new car.
  • I give him by book.

In the above sentences car, book is noun that is used as an object in the sentences. He bought a new car, I give him by book. know more Nouns.

Conclusion (Types of Noun)

Thus, we have discussed what are noun and 8 kinds of nouns with examples. It refers to the naming words, name could be anything person, place, cities, ideas, etc. That is why noun is divided into 8 types of noun. These are proper noun, common noun, abstract noun, concrete noun, countable, uncountable noun, collective noun and compound noun. Which have been discusse d above with examples. Test your knowledge Now MCQ of Noun.