Noun Exercise for Competitive Exams (MCQ)

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Noun Exercise set is very important for any competitive Exams. Before you start practice set (MCQ) .Please visit to know the Correct Use of Noun in a sentence.

In this article we will discuss some most important noun questions for competitive exams (MCQ) which are expected to ask in competitive exam. This noun MCQ questions for competitive exams, will clear the concept of Noun.

Noun Exercise for Competitive Exams

Q. Which word is a noun in the following sentence?

1.I decided to catch the bus because I was late.

A) Catch

B) Late

C) Bus

D) Was

Answer: c

2.He has bought a new car.

a) Bought

b) New

c) He

d) Car

Answer: d

Q2.Those scissors belongs to her.

a) Scissors

b) Those

c) Her

d) None of the above

Answer: a

Q. How many nouns are there in the given sentence?

4.  His father game me a book for my birthday.

A) One noun

B) Two noun

C) Three noun

D) Four noun

Answer: a

Q5.Please put the book on the desk.

A) One noun

B) Four noun

C) Three noun

D) Two noun


6. Correct the following sentences

a) Her hairs are curly.

b) Her hair are curly.

c) Her hair is curly.

Answer: c   hair, language, furniture are always singular See the rule of noun.)

7. Correct the following sentences

  1. Your’s faithfully.
  2. Your faithfully.
  3. Yours faithfully.

Anwar: c

8. Correct the Following Sentences

a) I want to purchase ten bookes.

b) I want to purchase ten book.

c) I want to purchase ten books.

Answer: c

9. Correct the following sentences

a) Mathematics is a very interesting subject.

b) Mathematic is a good subject.

c) Mathematics are good subject.

Answer: a (when Mathematics physics, economics simply refers subject it is singular and takes singular verb.)

10.  Noun correction of the below sentence

a.Physics are important subject in this modern era.

b.Physics is important subject in this modern era.

c.Physic is important subject in this modern era.

Answer: b

11. Compound noun is a noun that is made with… words.One

a) Two

b) Two or more

c) Three

Answer: c

12. There are 2 nouns in the sentence: Please pass the ball.

A) False

B) True

Answer: b) False

13. Find out noun errors in the following sentence.

A) There are three childrens in the room.

B) There are three children in the room.

C) There are three childrenes in the room.

Answer: b

14. Find the correct sentence.

A) They have much informations about the matter.

.B) They have much information about the matter.

C) They have much informationes about the matter.

Answer: b

15. Find the correct sentence

A) Who owns these poultries?

B) Who owns these poultry?

Answer: b

16. What is the noun in the sentence: He gave me many pieces of information.

A) Information

B) Me

C) Pieces of information.

Answer: a

These exercises will help you clear your concept about the noun and the correct use of noun. Learn more Tag Questions Exercises MCQ