Use of Noun in Sentence | with Example

use of noun in a sentence

What is the use of noun in a sentence : Noun is a common topic of English Grammar, anything we mention by names it may be a person, place or object. In simple word, nouns are words that provide name to people place or an abstract ideas or thought. Noun is very basic topic in … Read more

Tag Question Exercise with Answer | MCQ

Tag Question Exercise

Tag Question Exercise: In this article we have discussed twenty Multiple choice Questions (MCQ). which will help you to clear the concept of tag questions. Also Read: The Rules of Questions tag. Tag Question Exercise MCQs Q.1 It is raining,…? a) Is it? b) Isn’t it? c) Has it? d) Is not it? Show Answer … Read more

Tag Questions Rules with Examples

tag questions rules

What is Tag question? Tag questions are those questions which are added to the end of a sentence or a statement to draw attention to it. Tag question added a force to the statement. For example: They will come soon, won’t thy? She did not come in time, did she?  – This statements draw a … Read more

Animal farm – Subtitle- A fairy story | George Orwell

Animal farm – Subtitle A fairy story Animal farm, one of the best Orwell’s allegorical novel published 1945. In this novella Orwell talks about Russian revolution of 1917. He criticizes Josef Stalin (communist party). Important character Most of the character that Orwell presents in this novella is animals which are highly symbolical. Old Major– old … Read more